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A CPO Live Oat Broadcast from Upstate NY!

Posted 6/20/2011 3:45pm by Shamus Clancey.

This just in; CPO live oats are awesome!  You don't even need to cook them; just soak overnight, drain, and blend them up.  This a delicious and simple powerhouse breakfast...and for those complaining about the chaff in their teeth: please submerge in water and agitate, remove the bits that float to the top (repeat this process at least 3 times)!  It really works; I promise...and it only takes 1 single minute!


Sprouted Raw Oatmeal (aka powerhouse breakfast)
By Hans Butler
1 cup CPO live oats
½ cup water
2 tbs real maple syrup
½ tsp sea salt
¼ tsp cinnamon
¼ tsp allspice
¼ cup dried figs
2 tbs roasted pumpkins seeds
The night before submerge oats in water and agitate, remove any pieces that float to the top; repeat this process 3 times (this helps remove most of the chaff).  Cover oats in fresh water and soak (you can soak the oats for 24hrs; if you do, change the water at least every 8 hrs).
Drain the soaking liquid and rinse oats.  Put the oats and all of the other ingredients in the blender; reserve the pumpkin seeds for garnish.  Blend into smooth consistency (it should look like a milk shake); serve room temperature or chilled, garnish with pumpkin seeds and an extra fig.
Serves 2-4 Humans

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