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  • Certified Organic Raw Fresh Rolled Oats Available NOW!

Interested in purchasing? Please contact Amy at farmsales@cporganics.com 

Certified Organic Oats grown here at CPO and rolled in our new 20c licensed facility on the farm

It was Erick's dream to be able to provide this staple product to our local area.  These oats, raw and fresh, are rolled daily in honor of him.

  • 2/25/15
    3 Phase Electric has been completed!
  •  Dialing in the 'new to us' equipment has been a success!
  • Running organic locally grown black beans now!

Interested in purchasing?  Please contact Amy at farmsales@cporganics.com  

Progress! 08.12.2014


Fundraising - Last Stretch!

April 21st, 2014

This is a thank you to everyone on our cporganics.com mailing list.  Your support means a lot. We just wanted all the CPO supporters to know that we received several large anonymous donations ove

Photo(s) added: Mature Beans

March 15th, 2014

New photo added:


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